Queen Lakshmi Classic Kimono

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If you want to feel more like your luxurious self and you're looking to attract more abundance, and prosperity into your life, this piece is for you. 

Imprinted with codes of wealth and money and designed with careful attention to every detail, this piece will energize you to receive whatever it is you're calling forth.   

Crafted in luxurious satin silk, this regal robe is mesmerizing and timeless.  

A golden mandala sits on the back of the heart to activate the frequency of abundance. 

Wear this piece when you're feeling inspired to radiate out into the world as the magnetic and powerful Queen that you are, or perform a sacred ritual and wear it to open up your conscious money portal. 

We custom-make each of our garments just for you. Please allow 5 weeks to process your order <3

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