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About Us


Hello, gorgeous...


Welcome to Miramaya! This is our corner of the universe where culture and fashion expertise combine to create art. You might be wondering how Colin, a 70-year-old glass artist from California, and Glovindria, a 33-year-old model from New York, found each other in Byron Bay and decided to create a clothing brand together. Well, what started as a simple amusing and entertaining night on the dance floor, ended with imaginative professional collaboration.
Colin, who was well-known around Byron Bay for his dancing skills, and Glovindria, who had just arrived from Hawaii, were both in absolute shock when they destroyed the dance floor together and sparked a dynamic friendship. At the time, Colin had already built a reputable brand, Colin Heaney Art, and was known as one of Australia’s most-renowned glass artists and designers of silk prints.
Glovindria, after 10 years of being an international model, had begun designing kaftans while in India using saris she found at the local market. As they became friends, they realized that not only did they share a passion for making women feel magical, but their tastes of style, print design, beauty, composition, and quality fused together as effortlessly as they did on the dance floor.

Miramaya is the fruit of their labors and has become a brand that empowers women to be the best version of themselves, by offering comfortable, elegant clothing that draws attention to all the right places. We hope you enjoy your full experience with Miramaya and that it brings out the goddess in you.


Hear the Inspiration Behind Miramaya with Glovindria

"We've designed a brand to make every woman feel spectacular.."



Miramaya's Values & Mission Statement

Miramaya offers the world a piece of luxury that makes women feel sacred and embodied.
A woman’s journey is defined by the shedding of her skin and in one lifetime, she will shed her skin multiple times before unlocking her true calling.  Our pieces are crafted to adorn her in a second skin and make her feel like she is stepping into her divinity as soon as wears them.
We activate the magic that already lives within her so she can shine brightly in the world and fully reclaim her power, purpose, & pleasure.


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