I have spent my fortunate life designing and creating things of beauty and have enjoyed inspiring others through my creations. Whether it was through my glass art, casa blu, or now, fashion.

I had been creating clothing for ten years when Glovindria and I met without words on the dancefloor. We felt our similar energy. As our relationship deepened, we became excited about combining our essence to create something new. This was the beginning of Miramaya.

We imagined a world filled with gorgeous colours that bring out your eyes, skin, and hair, and fabrics that make you feel soft, sensual and feminine.

So we created a line of weightless clothes in flowing natural silks that caress the body.

You feel yourself ~ limitless and free.

Miramaya adorns you in sensual loose shapes that gently complement your curves with vibrant uplifting prints. 

And when you walk into a room, it doesn’t really matter that everyone is looking at you.

You are connected to your femininity and radiating magnetic beauty from the inside out.

We look forward to helping you discover more of your feminine power.