Grace Classic Kaftan

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Indulge in pure luxury with our stunning golden silk kaftan, perfect for anyone seeking to awaken their inner artist. The intricate design features painted bougainvilleas, juxtaposed against subtle geometric patterns that embody both elegance and sophistication.

This kaftan is more than just a piece of clothing, it's an expression of your creative energy waiting to be unleashed. When you don this kaftan, you'll feel the magnetic force of your inner muse radiating out into the world.

It's perfect for sacred rituals and creative endeavors, a reminder that you are a powerful force of inspiration.

Our team custom-makes each garment just for you, to ensure the quality is unmatched.

Please allow us five weeks to process your order, as we take pride in every detail and want to ensure your satisfaction.

Order your exquisite golden silk kaftan today and awaken your inner artist.

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Real Women Wear Miramaya

“My name is Phoenix, and this piece just symbolizes fire and when I wear something like this I feel embodied in my nature...These clothes feel really airy, light, comfortable and flowy.”