Priestess of the Light Open Sleeve Dress

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Awaken the priestess within you with this exquisite silk dress. 

Powered by the golden phoenix rising above the morning sun, this piece is inspired by the colours of the rainbow and the angelic realms, and is encoded with light magic to remind you of your inherent holiness and divinity. 

Designed with open shoulders and a sophisticated leg slit, this piece is crafted to make you feeling luxurious and sensual. 

Wear it loose or belted so you can flow freely at any occasion. 

Our satin silk is both lightweight and full bodied, with a brilliant print and colour reproduction feature, and carries a beautiful sheen that only silk can create.

We custom-make each of our garments just for you. Please allow us 5 weeks to process your order <3

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“The most beautiful silk that I’ve ever touched...When I first put it on it made me feel like a goddess...These clothes make me feel elegant and alive, sensual and sexy, I just feel like me wearing them.”