Kwan Yin Classic Kimono

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Introducing the Kwan Yin Classic Kimono. Inspired by the frequency of the Compassion Priestess Herself, this kimono is crafted for you to embody grace and divinity.

Drenched in the enchanting hues of the rainbow with an ocean print at the base, the Priestess of the Light Classic Kimono is vessel of light magic, a reminder of your inherent holiness and boundless potential.

As you slip into its embrace, feel the transformation begin. This kimono isn't just a robe; it's your sacred mantle, empowering you to find stillness and serenity in a world filled with chaos. With each gentle drape, you'll be wrapped in a cocoon of tranquility, so you can tap into the reservoir of peace that resides within you.


NOTE: We take great pride in crafting each garment to perfection and we do not hold stock. As this kimono is made to order, please allow us 6-8 weeks to process your order. We understand the wait can be challenging, but this time allows us to pay careful attention to detail and ensures your utmost satisfaction.

As a fair-trade company, we work closely with a boutique factory in Huangzhou, China, which specializes in silk printing and design. Our team of skilled artisans custom-make every kaftan just for you, ensuring that the quality is unmatched. By choosing our kaftan, you not only indulge in luxury but also support ethical fashion practices.

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