The Messenger Priestess Slip Dress

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Introducing our exquisite Messenger Priestess Slip Dress.

Made in Viscose Satin for durability, this dress is covered in sacred mandalas and infused with the essence of pure light geometry.  A celestial white bird sits at the heart's center, evoking a profound sense of purity and rediscovered innocence. The spaghetti strap and loose fitted drape makes it a perfect choice for tropical weather 

Add a touch of elegance to your ensemble and elevate your presence with this extraordinary piece.

Model is 1'68" and wears a Long


NOTE: We take great pride in crafting each garment to perfection and we do not hold stock. As this kaftan is made to order, please allow us 6-8 weeks to process your order. We understand the wait can be challenging, but this time allows us to pay careful attention to detail and ensures your utmost satisfaction.

As a fair-trade company, we work closely with a boutique factory in Huangzhou, China, which specializes in silk printing and design. Our team of skilled artisans custom-make every kaftan just for you, ensuring that the quality is unmatched. By choosing our kaftan, you not only indulge in luxury but also support ethical fashion practices.


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“The most beautiful silk that I’ve ever touched...When I first put it on it made me feel like a goddess...These clothes make me feel elegant and alive, sensual and sexy, I just feel like me wearing them.”