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It's not you, it’s your clothes.

Have you ever asked yourself why it’s so hard to find clothes that fit?

I did, for years. In fact even though I loved fashion, I really didn’t enjoy shopping for myself. Sure, things looked great when they were on the mannequin or hanging on the rack, but then i’d go to the dressing room and have a completely different experience. Too tight, too short, too long, bulging at the back, scratchy, badly designed, or just plain unflattering. Damn. Shopping wasn’t nearly as fun as it was when i was 20.

Sound familiar?

I yearned for simple beautiful, feminine, flowing, delightfully easygoing dresses, that made me look and feel amazing. Instead, what I had was a complicated wardrobe that required me to spend 3 hours in front of the mirror trying to figure out what’s “me” today.

And what was really going on in my closet? It was full of clothes with dangling price-tags waiting patiently to be worn by my ideal body that never came. When I turned 32 I realized: my clothes should fit my body, not the other way around.

So I started designing my own clothes and selling them to my friends. A year later I met Colin, and Miramaya was born...

From ordinary to goddess...

6 months of hard work later, Colin and I had our first samples. I tried the first one on and my jaw dropped. I had morphed into somekind of instant goddess.

And omg those colours against my skin tone! I looked like one of those rare orchids that only blooms in the rainforest every 45 years.

I got that feeling of being unstoppable and radiating timeless beauty from the inside out.

I felt sensual and majestic but in the most effortless way.

No makeup, no heels. Just me in a casual silk kaftan embodying otherworldly magic.

My favourite compliment when I wore them out was “You don’t even look like you’re walking. You’re floating.”

Spreading the magic...

Since launching Miramaya in December 2018, we’ve helped hundreds of women get back in touch with their sensuality and grace.

To feel liberated, sexy, and carefree

To be seen without trying

No matter what their age, no matter what their body type

And it’s the best feeling in the world. Something we are constantly blown away by.

When we see a woman put on a Miramaya, her shoulders roll back and she becomes totally mesmerized with herself.

And you wanna know another secret?

Ever since I started feeling amazing in my clothes again, I started loving myself more and feeling better in my body too.

So, what do you think? Are you ready to shine?

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