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As a dreamer, visual designer, painter, and all around renaissance woman living a life full of motion, I wanted to create a brand of practical and easy but equally mesmerizing clothing.

Miramaya combines our love of stunning prints, and timeless shapes using the power of the latest digital printing technology to create easy to wear kaftans and kimonos in pure silk that caress your skin like a thousand kisses.

And while our prints are quite eye catching, our cuts are clean and versatile so that anyone with any body type can wear them.

We’re the brand that’s laser-beam focused on making you feel your absolute best. So you won’t see us trying to sell you beauty ideals.

Our clothes are just as much the inner light as they are about the outer.

With pieces that bring out the goddess in each woman by highlighting her most feminine qualities: sensuality, flow, and grace.

Because sensuality comes from ease. It comes from wearing a garment that lets you be you underneath it all.

A dress that highlights your curves, breasts, and buttocks, and draws attention to all the right places, so you can look beautiful and radiant in your most natural state.

Miramaya gives you full permission to be exactly as you are.

To embrace the softer textures of your sex-appeal and relax into what you’re wearing so you can rest knowing you really are the most beautiful woman you can be inside and out.

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