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The Lover Collection Silk Kimono


What is the Lover Archetype?

The feminine archetype of the lover embodies the energy of love, sensuality, passion, and fertility. She cultivates desire, connection, and intimacy, and is often associated with goddesses such as Aphrodite, Freya, and Isis. She is a nurturer, a seductress, a priestess and guide in the art of love.

The Lover teaches us to embrace our sensual and sexual nature and to open our hearts to the beauty of divine union and connection to source. She reminds us to honor and celebrate the sacredness of our relationships, and to nurture our connection to others.

The lover seeks to merge herself with the essence of life. She exists in every woman, stemming from our most primal urge to procreate. She lives in a state of joy and unconditional love.  

In its truest form, this energy is pure divinity; a sacred elixir running through our body to give and receive life. But in today’s world, this remembrance is harder to access, and requires us to shed layers upon layers of conditioning, and purge all of the programs and traumas that prevent us from living fully from our hearts.

In order to fully embody the lover archetype, we need to plough through a lot of the noise around our sexuality, our stories with men, our relationship to our bodies, and pry open the cages we’ve built around our own hearts. This takes, time, presence, and surrender.

While the lover energy is widely associated with being the lover to another, the Lover is also in a state of divine union with the universe. Much like the priestess, she knows that all elements of life, the darkness and the light, come from Love and thus she can commune with the shadow while maintaining a state of trust in the flow of her life.

When a woman is fully integrated in her lover energy and choosing to share her experience with another from a place of sovereignty and overflow, she will embody certain qualities that cultivate harmony and longevity in her partnerships.

These include: 

  • Passion: The states of desire and ecstasy merging together
  • Sensuality: The state of feeling herself softly and sharing with another from that space
  • Intuition: The process of following her heart and divine guidance
  • Empathy: The process of understanding and connecting with her partner on a deep emotional level.
  • Loyalty: Commitment to protect and nurture the relationship.
  • Creativity: Knowing how to keep the connection fresh and alive.
  • Openness: The ability to welcome new experiences and take risks when necessary
  • Grace: Bringing beauty and elegance to the relationship
  • Compassion: Willing to forgive and work through challenges that may arise in the relationship.

Igniting the lover within is huge work. It requires us to meet ourselves deeply so that we expand enough to become a space for love to thrive. This is the work we initiate by calling forth our inner priestess. Working with the priestess is a process of purging out the parts of self that create obstructions to deep intimacy so we can open our vessel for connection.

The priestess lays the program of ego sexuality to rest and creates a bridge to the divine. Her role is to quiet the mind so that we are able to access a state of meditation and surrender. In doing so, we allow ourselves to feel what is real and true in the moment, so we can open and connect to our ecstatic and true nature. View The Priestess collection here.


The lover kimono collection


Activate the Lover Within 

The lover is where the seductress meets the priestess and the wild woman. Magnetic and sensual, she ascends from an opened body and an awakened heart. She prioritizes pleasure and makes love by opening the gates of her womb to divine.

The following practices will help you connect to the Lover energy

  1. Cultivate sensuality: Embrace your body and all of its sensations. Learn to love and appreciate your own sensuality, and let it radiate outwards.
  2. Practice self-care: Take care of yourself physically, emotionally, and spiritually. This will help you to feel more confident and grounded in your own femininity. See the Warrior archetype for more tips on self-care.
  3. Open your heart: Open your heart to love, both for yourself and for others. Be willing to give and receive love freely and without reservation. Working with breathwork is a great tool to fast-track your way to the vibrational state of an open heart.
  4. Embrace your intuition: Trust your intuition and inner guidance. Allow yourself to be guided by your intuition in all aspects of your life.
  5. Surrender control: Let go of control and allow yourself to be open to new experiences and possibilities. Cultivate deeper trust in the flow of life.
  6. Practice self-love: Embrace your imperfections and learn to love yourself completely. This will help you to radiate love and positivity to those around you.
  7. Work with your emotional body: In order to authentically follow these tips you need to work with your emotional body. For more information about how to do this, see the Priestess archetype.


The lover Kimono collection

Invoke the Lover Archetype with Your Miramaya Kimono

  1. Create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere that will help you connect with the lover. Light some candles or incense, and set up an altar space with roses and rose quartz and statues or images of goddesses who carry the lover codes.
  2. Put on your Miramaya The Lover kimono
  3. Connect with your Intention. Take a moment to sit quietly and connect with your intention for this ritual. Visualize the archetype of the lover in your mind's eye. Imagine her as a radiant, loving, and passionate being. Feel her energy and allow it to fill your body and mind.
  4. Call upon the Lover Archetype. Stand before your altar and speak aloud the following words: " I call upon the lover to join me in this sacred space. I seek your guidance and wisdom in matters of love and relationships. Please guide me to embrace my own passions and to open my heart to love and connection. I honor you and thank you for your presence."
  5. Spend some time in meditation, allowing yourself to fully immerse in the energy of the archetype of the lover. Reflect on your own feelings and experiences related to love, relationships, and passion. Allow yourself to be open to any insights or messages that may come through.
  6. Close the Ritual. When you feel ready, take a moment to sit in gratitude Blow out the candles, extinguish any incense, and close the ritual.
  7. Take some time to journal any insights or messages you received during the ritual. Carry the energy of the lover with you as you go about your day, and allow it to inspire and guide you in your relationships and passions.

View the Lover Collection Here

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