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Priestess Kimono

What is the Priestess Archetype?

The Priestess comes through us when we are in an expanded state of consciousness. She builds communication pathways between the 3rd dimension and the unseen realms, invoking our ancestors, guides, and angels to help our human navigate whatever obstacles we’re facing that are keeping us stuck, small, and in pain.

This consciousness is one that we all have access to when we’re in a high vibrational state. This expanded state can be accessed through meditation or breathwork, or it can simply be when we are deeply present and free from the burdens of fear, worry, guilt, and shame…

The role of the Priestess is to help us transcend our limiting beliefs and ways of being. She carries the codes of ancient wisdom and powerfully attunes to the highest timeline on our path.

To embody her energy fully, you have to forget everything you think you know so that new information can come in. Her wisdom is the by-product of new experiences and lessons learned. A deep inner knowing that can’t be taught because it can only be lived.

She offers solutions you would never think possible, and resolves the pain you didn’t think you would ever overcome. 



Awakening the Priestess comes from an awareness that we are all multidimensional beings operating in a 3rd dimensional reality. Since the ultimate goal is to remember who we really are and get back to unity consciousness, we suffer tremendously when we become rigidly attached to the reality we are experiencing and think that this is all there is.

This becomes particularly insidious when we are struggling with our health and so used to identifying with this pain body that we can’t see a way out.

Fortunately the way out is through and available to all of us through this path.

The Priestess path is a path of shifting timelines.

It’s a process of cultivating trust within ourselves and the divine energy that is awakening to guide us home. As you learn to trust in this part of yourself you will anchor in a sense of inner safety. A deep knowing that:

You are held

You are loved

You are god.

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Invoking the Priestess 

The Priestess is both a mystic and a healer. She exists beyond the 3D realm, and is not limited to the confines of the material world. She lives in harmony with nature from earth to cosmos. In order to embody your priestess energy, you must go beyond the limitations of the mind by incorporating several spiritual practices such as meditation, mindfulness, and breathwork. See the Mystic archetype for further information. Outlined below are additional tools for embodying the Priestess.  

  1. Make an altar

Your altar is the sanctuary of your prayers for healing and transformation. Whatever your religion or creed, it’s a physical place where you get to anchor your sacred vision. If you’ve never made an altar before, you might want to look up some images on Pinterest to stimulate new ideas and inspire creativity. Use the following as basic guidelines for your altar.

- A clear message you want to send to yourself on a daily basis

- Objects that remind you of your divinity and make you feel sacred.

- An image or images that elevate your mood and make you feel inspired

- Candles and incense or another smell tool

- Additional words of affirmation to reinforce a more positive state

Use this altar to house your intentions and affirm your priestess power. You can write your words on cards and even stick them on your wall behind your altar. You can place a statue of a deity you feel called to work with, and place nature objects: rocks, leaves, shells, fossils, and flowers that remind you of death and rebirth.

The purpose of the altar is to remind you of beauty and the natural cycles of life. This is also a space for you to come to at any time whether you’re feeling powerful and confident or heavy and disappointed.

Pro tip : In order to keep the energy of your altar clear, change the candles, get fresh flowers, add new objects, remove the old. Keep it fresh, alive, and aligned with where you’re at. You can also do this as a ritual on the new and full moons.


  1. Work with your emotional body

Most if not all of our personal challenges and ailments are a symptom of a deeply rooted negative experience caused by some sort of past trauma. Trauma is much more than a story or memory about something that happened long ago, trauma is an imprint of emotions and physical sensations that tend to manifest as disruptive physical reactions in the present until they are recognized, felt and transmuted.

So even though trauma is a thing of the past, your emotional body will keep the score, and you may find yourself magnetizing events in your life that make you feel scared, hurt, or helpless in order to release this trauma from your cellular memory.  

The safest and most empowering way to do this is by finding the right emotional release tools that work for you. Breathwork and Somatic dance therapy are some of the most powerful and effective embodiment practices because they use the power of sound, breath, and movement to help you release stuck energy and return to the core of your true self. The self that is free from memories of the past. See the Mystic Archetype for more information about mindfulness and breathwork, and the Wild Woman to learn about somatic dance therapy.


  1. Go on a digital detox in nature

Human beings thrive when they afford themselves valuable time with the healing powers of the sun, the rivers, the ocean, and the forest. This combined with detoxing from the noise of our digital devices can have immeasurable effects.  

Taking a trip to nature and going barefoot in the soil is a great way to reconnect to source. The negative ions in the earth stimulate your immune system and the process of training your bare feet to maneuver around rocks, twigs, and jagged edges, works your micro muscles an makes you more agile and alert. It’s worth giving it a go, and getting comfortable enough with the experience that you’ll start to naturally take your shoes off whenever you can.

Make earthing a part of your life. If you’re in really cold weather, you’ll need to wear shoes, of course, and if you’re feeling too tender for the outdoors, start by finding a fireplace and spend some time in communion with the element of fire. Sit with it, listen to it, watch it, breathe with it, and learn how to work with it by sending your prayers into it, releasing what doesn’t serve, invoking the new. You can do this simply by writing things down on paper and watching them burn, then reflecting on what it is you’re calling in.

If you enjoy hiking, leave your technology behind and go hiking in the forest. Rather than approaching it as a sport, take your time to simply be. Give space to your nervous system to relax and slow down. This is the feminine way, the way that allows nature to commune with you, awakening you to deeper states of presence, clearing the noise so new wisdom can come through.  

Pro tip: Experience the restlessness of your mind as a normal part of your detox. Be with it without judgement.


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Invoke the Priestess with your Miramaya Kimono

  1. Create your altar
  1. Dim the lights, light some candles and incense and create a space where you can bring your focus inwards
  1. Using your will and imagination create a sacred ritual to connect with the priestess energy. See what you can conjure up and trust your process. Invoke the use of sound breath and movement to drop deeper into yourself.
  1. Put on your Miramaya garment and perform your ritual. 
  1. After you conclude your ritual, use your journal to record your impressions and note your insights


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