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What is the Magician Archetype?

The Magician archetype is a formidable figure. Also known in mythology and fantasy literature as the sorceress, she is a composite energy of the priestess and the mystic. Deeply connected to the earth realm, she is an alchemist, who works very closely with the elements of nature to wield practical magic and reshape matter. She is the one who sees a door when everyone else sees a wall.

While it might seem that the Magician archetype can only live in legends and fairy tales, the truth is that this figure can be found in many forms in real life. The power of this archetype comes from the accumulation of great wisdom over time in multiple domains.

She understands the power of plants and is connected to the animal kingdom. In fact, the Magician is simply one who sits at the convergence point of science and spirituality. She is spiritually evolved and intellectually refined. 

Similarly to the mystic, her gifts have been cultivated over time through a practice of spiritual self-mastery. She also shares similar qualities to the Priestess as she possesses strong healing powers and lives in devotion to the universe. However, the Magician’s distinct signature is her mastery over the elements and her relationship to the natural world.

The Magician works in conjunction with the elements of wind, earth, fire, and water, to perform rituals and cast spells. She is able to command these forces at will in order to create, protect, and destroy. She is also deeply connected to the animal kingdom and can use animals as messengers and allies. A master of the arcane arts, she is equipped with laser sharp intuition and a clear channel.

The path of the Magician uses various practices that work to quiet the mind so that the heart can speak and the soul can drop in. If you don’t believe in magic, then the idea of activating the Magician within might sound silly. But with some added context, it’s appears to be quite scientific.

The magician is an energy that operates beyond our perceived reality. She awakens through the alpha/delta brainwaves and successfully influences the central nervous system to adopt a new reality. For the Magician words are spells, and working with the Magician is about using the power of certain natural elements and combining them with presence, spoken word, affirmation, and intention, to install new software into the body and manifest a new reality.



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Activating the Magician within

The Magician works by training the arousal system through breath and speech, by the way of affirmations and mantras.

Think of the Magician as the gatekeeper of the upper three chakras:

- The throat commanding the power of word and conscious communication

- The third eye activating the power of intuition

- The crown governing the connection to the cosmic realm, the quantum field of possibilities, your ancestors, angels and guardians.

 There are many important fundamental practices of magick, but one of the most potent and essential beginning practices for magick is to keep a diary and create a Desires List. The magician knows that words are spells so she speaks her desires into creation until they become the truth of her material reality.  

The process outlined below is based on the Book “Magick and Self Transformation by Jake Kobrin”,  

  1. write down everything you want out of life. You should spend some time alone thinking about what you want, and not hold back or be ashamed of anything that comes to mind. You can revise the list whenever you think of something new or realize that you don't want something anymore. It is also powerful to read your list out loud, twice a day.
  1. Keep your list to yourself and not share it with anyone. Finally, whenever one of the things on your list comes true, make sure to express gratitude. This list is important because it will help you to connect with your true and essential self through exploring and exhausting your desires.
  1. Spend a dedicated and focused period in solitude, contemplation, and meditation in the creation of this list, and revise it constantly.
  1. Another useful beginning magickal practice is Sigil Magick. Sigils are magickal symbols that can change your reality. You can create them from scratch, by combining the letters of the words of a statement of intention into a novel visual symbol, and charge them with your intention to make a change in your life. To do this, you need to enter into a state of "gnosis " which you can reach through exhaustion, meditation, or orgasm.

Once you're in this state, you can concentrate on the symbol and charge it with your intention. Then, your subconscious mind will recognize the symbol and work to make the change you desire.


Invoke the Magician with your Miramaya Kimono, Kaftan, or Open Sleeve Dress

  1. Sit before an altar that you make yourself using the 4 elements. A candle to represent fire. A rock or crystal to represent earth, a glass of water, and burning incense for the element of air.
  1. Set an intention to align with your Magician energy. Contemplate this energy and tune into what it looks and feels like to be embodied as the Magician.
  1. Put on your Miramaya Magician kaftan or open sleeve dress
  1. Create a sigil with a word that is very meaningful for you (we recommend you learn independently about sigils before embarking on this practice)
  1. Charge the sigil with your intention
  1. Repeat this ritual as often as needed
  1. Commit to attracting more teachings and guidance to help you learn more about practical magick


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