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What is the Muse Archetype?

The Muse is an embodiment of the arts and the creative energy of the feminine. She represents the qualities of imagination and artistry, using her talents to bring inspiration and beauty into the world. She is the expression of pure creative freedom and exemplifies the true artist way, a path that is paved through a deep connection to soul and spirit.

The Muse archetype represents the inner guidance and intuition that resides within all women, and the ability to access and harness one's own inner power.

She’s a highly skilled master of her craft, an ingenue, a maverick.

Her creative channel is unlocked. She knows that she is a vessel for energy to flow through her. A master of flowstate, she experiences an effortlessness of being and a sense of ease through her work. Every challenge she faces along the way is an opportunity to learn and fine-tune her craft.

Her creativity is contagious and inspiring. By being herself, she paves the way forward for others, with a boundless imagination that allows her to see new possibilities that many can't.

The Muse is a reminder of the strength and potential that lies within every woman, and encourages us to tap into our own inner creativity and imagination. She is a representation of the ability to create something new and beautiful from within, and the inspiration and guidance that comes from stepping out of the way and letting the inner self shine.

Pro tip: “ Life isn’t about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself”

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Activate the Muse within

In order to tap into the energy of the Muse you will need to become aware of certain blocks that hinder the flow of creativity and work to overcome them.

1. Fear of failure. Probably the biggest block to creativity as it inhibits one’s ability to simply experiment and play. It can also show up as what seems to be a lack of inspiration, but underneath that is a fear. The fear of not succeeding or being judged by others for our creative expression.

The best way to overcome this fear of failure is to reframe your thoughts: Instead of thinking of failure as a negative outcome, think of it as a valuable learning experience. Failure can be a stepping stone to success. By practicing compassion with yourself around all that you perceive as failure, you can start to identify this fear as a normal human emotion, and loosen the grip it has over you and the quality of the experience that you create.

2. Overthinking. A hyperactive mind can cause creative paralysis, and result in you putting unnecessary pressure on yourself to meet the expectations and narratives of the mind.

In order to be a vehicle for creativity to flow through, create a tight bubble of focus, free of judgment where you can practice your art through mindfulness, presence, and simply playing. The space to play and create for the sake of creating, lays the foundation for true art to flow through. From there, consecrate time on fine-tuning technique and becoming a student of the Masters.

Rather than telling yourself that you need to study in order to make art, start by making art from a place of innocence, and compound it with study and practice. Once the passion from within is ignited, art will flow through and technique will be incorporated as a refinement process rather than a starting point.

3. People. We are all social creatures, but by directing your energy outwards and focusing too much on other people, you can end up loosing your connection to self and be too distracted to complete a creative process. The process of waking up the muse relies on being able to spend quality time alone with yourself or with an individual who is aligned with you creatively, and seeing what can spring up from that place.


Invoke the Muse Archetype with Your Miramaya Kimono

  1. Begin by finding a quiet and comfortable space where you can focus on your creative endeavors. This can be your office, a designated art studio, or even a cozy corner of your living room.
  2. Light a candle or incense that is associated with creativity and inspiration, such as lavender or sandalwood.
  3. Take out any materials you will be using for your creative project, such as paint brushes, a sketchpad, or a musical instrument.
  4. Put on your Miramaya Kimono, take a few deep breaths and focus on your intention to invoke the spirit of creativity.
  5. Call upon your spirit guides, muses, or any other entities that you believe can assist you in your creative endeavors.
  6. Begin to work on your project, letting your intuition and creativity guide you.
  7. As you work, continue to focus on your intention to invoke the spirit of creativity and let any thoughts or distractions fall away.
  8. When you are finished working, take a moment to reflect on your experience and thank any entities or guides that assisted you.
  9. Close the ritual by blowing out the candle or incense and taking a few deep breaths to ground yourself.
  10. You can repeat this ritual whenever you need to invoke the spirit of creativity, or create your own unique ritual that resonates with you.

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